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The NCIP Information Sharing Environment (“NCIP ISE”) is an integral operational component of NCIP.  It provides operational services to NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators that:

  • Enable NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators to collect cyber incident information and to report and share cyber incident information selected by them with trusted recipients, including law enforcement investigators and prosecutors;

  • Handle cyber incident response information in accordance with Non-Disclosure Agreements with data owners to prevent data exposure contrary to the wishes of cybercrime victims;

  • Comply with Federal and State criminal offense reporting laws, including 18 USC § 4, Misprision of felony;

  • Comply with State regulatory statutes requiring registration with certain cyber investigation activities;

  • Facilitate information sharing among NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators to achieve the force-multiplier efficiency and effectiveness benefits of information sharing;

  • Positions NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators to receive On-The-Job Training through an Operational-Learning Help Desk, and Just-In-Time Training on emerging cyber threats;

  • Automates cyber incident response and cyber investigations through business process engineering, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.


The NCIP ISE Systems operate under the cybersecurity and other policy guidance of the NCIP Executive Committee, composed of leading law enforcement and critical infrastructure stakeholders. 


The NCIP ISE Systems consist of two separate Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platforms:

  • The NCIP ISE Forum, a free-form environment in which NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators can collaborate with one another across jurisdictional and sector barriers on cyber incident topics, including Special Interest Groups, of their choosing; and

  • The NCIP ISE Fusion Center, a pre-configured environment for collecting attack vector and other cyber incident data useful in investigating and prosecuting cybercriminals.


Access to NCIP ISE Systems is available by invitation only to NCIP-Certified Cyber Investigators.  For additional information, please contact

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